Our Mission

Comfelie intimates are driven by comfort felicity devoted to make you feel your best.

The euphoria and purpose of sheer comfort is to fuel your confidence to shine from the very first layer of all ages and sizes, without compromising true support you need. Every refined silhouette has undefined beauty to be discovered and redefined by your own. We believe all bodies are worthy and deserve to exist just as they are - that's why we created COMFELIE, to physically and emotionally liberate your body in real comfort and support.


Derived from Felicific Calculus by Jeremy Bentham calculating the degree of pleasure of a specific action is likely to induce, a tailor-made algorithm is formulated to measure your skin's blissfulness you'll ever feel.

COMFELIE Calculus=BareSmooth Microfiber+Revolutionary Solution+Sustainability Forward

BareSmooth Microfiber Bornfor Her Natural Form

We believe every skin deserves BareSmooth - an Oeko-Tex® 100 Certified buttery soft microfiber, safe from harmful substances, with incredibly smooth touch that your tender skin feels like home. Its form-fitting ability supports and sculpts every body with our 4-way stretch technology.

Revolutionary Solution

Under human-oriented approach, we're endeavoring to create innovative products through sophisticated technology achieving the balance of minimal style, comfort and support. We're striving to improve and modify our models to support all body needs and transform the sensation you'll ever had before.

Sustainability Forward

Rooted in sustainable practices, we use Oeko-Tex® 100 Certified fabrics that is harmless for human health and biodegradable (and recyclable) packaging to reduce our impacts to our planet. We're making progress of greener business through manufacturing and transportation.