10 Guidelines for Purchasing a Bra Online

A perfectly-fitting bra supports your breasts and reduces back pain, skin irritation, and chest pain. An ill-fitting one, on the other hand, can ruin your outfit—and your entire day. But buying a good bra isn’t always easy, especially if you’re doing it online. You have to consider the cup size, straps, band, and a few other things to avoid getting the wrong bra.

Most women find it hard to buy a bra online that offers the best fit. But it’s possible to find the perfect bra without getting up from your chair. To help you avoid common bra-buying mistakes, we‘ve put together 12 guidelines on how to buy a bra online. Here’s how to go about it.

1. Take Measurements

When buying a bra online, don’t check the size of your favorite bra, which you’ve been wearing for years. Your breast size may have changed over time. Get a tape measure and measure your bust and rib cage. Next, subtract the rib cage measurement from the bust size measurement. Each inch is equivalent to one cup size. If the difference is 1 inch, your cup size is A; 2 inches is B; 3 is C; 4 is D; 5 is E; 6 is F; 7 is G; 8 is H. This page gives step-by-step instructions on how to take measurements and find a perfectly-fitting bra.


2. Know Your Breast Shape

Most people think that breasts are either big, small, or somewhere in between. But breasts can be bell-shaped, asymmetric, tear drop, athletic, or another shape. No two women have breasts that look alike, so the same bra can look very different on different people. A push-up bra is ideal for women with small breasts who want to enhance them. Women with heavier breasts may need an underwire bra. Determine your breast shape first to find the perfect bra.

3. Take the Online Quiz

Most specialty bra sites have quizzes that analyze everything, from spacing to breast shape, perfectly complementing measurements. The series of questions provided help you understand the fit of your current bra and your unique breast shape. These online quizzes recreate the in-store fitting experience and use scientific algorithms to determine the right bra size and style.

It's easier to find a good bra when you have examples to choose from. Your breasts may fall into a couple of categories. For instance, you may have bell-shaped breasts that are also asymmetrical. Always go with the option that speaks to your overall shape.

4. Find a Good Retailer

While bras are easily available online, most brands cater to “average” sizes. Take time to find a brand that makes bras particularly suited to your body type. Don’t feel pressured to buy a bra in any online store, take time to choose a good retailer.

5. Avoid Minimizer Bras

If you have a bigger chest, you may be looking for ways to make your breasts appear smaller. A word of caution, don’t get minimizer bras. The bras usually compress breast tissue and increase the surface area of breasts. Your breasts may appear even bigger than they are. Get a high-quality bra with enough lift and side support to tame your breasts.

6. Understand Other Bra Terminologies: Full-Bust, Full-Figure, Full-Coverage, And Plus-Size

Physical and online stores offer a large selection of bras in different styles and price points. However, it’s worth noting that the terminologies they use are all about body proportions and not weight. Full-bust bras are ideal for women with a larger chest and a small band size (like a 32DDD). Full-figure bras are specifically designed to offer maximum support for larger-breasted women (with a larger DD+ cup).

Full-coverage bras cover the entire breast. They can be any bra size and hide the cleavage to help avoid spills. Plus-size bras are tailored to fit women with bigger band sizes rather than cup sizes (38+). But since all-inclusive sizing is quickly becoming the new normal, these labels may change. Focus on your bra size when buying a bra online.

7.  Choose the Right Fabric

When shopping for a bra, pay attention to the fabric. A good fabric can prevent nasty skin rashes and other irritations. Cotton is the best fabric for everyday bras. The natural material makes soft bras that are also hypoallergenic. Cotton is also durable, so your bra will last a long time. Nylon and spandex bras look great, but avoid wearing them every day.

8. Don’t Be Tempted by Low Prices

Don’t focus on the price, focus on the quality. A high-quality bra not only lasts longer, but it also fits better and offers the best support. For example, a sports bra with a power mesh hugs your breasts, offering excellent support. Some bras have laminated cups that offer additional support and make your breasts appear beautifully round. Stretch lace is perfect for fuller-bust bras and accommodates bust fluctuations perfectly. Bra straps should also be firm and should not overstretch.

9. Know the Return Policy

Before you click on the checkout button, take a look at the brand's return policy. Know if they offer refunds or exchanges and how much time you have to return a product. COMFELIE is committed to ensuring every customer is satisfied with their lingerie purchase and offers refunds or exchanges within 7 days of purchase.

10. Try the New Bra Before Removing the Tag

A bra that looks perfect for you may be too big or small, so it’s important to try your new bra before you rush to remove the tag. A good bra should fit perfectly on the last band setting. It should clinch your ribcage and support your breasts well. The straps shouldn’t be the ones offering support.

When you try on the bra, lift your arms up. If your breasts are peeking under the band, it means the band size is too large. The bra band should lie straight, and the bra’s center should lie flat between your breasts. The cups should support your breasts well and ensure they aren’t visible on the sides or edges.


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